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Hi, and welcome to this private, members-only site. I've created this space to update my community about:

• Progress on launching my private, independent clinic, Axion NeuroTherapy.

• My thoughts on explanations about my philosophy of care.

• Tips and strategies to improve life with better brain function.

I encourage members to connect with each other to the extent that you feel comfortable, but it's certainly not necessary. With time, some of you may be interested in joining a formal mastermind group, which I will be facilitating. Mastermind Groups are great, because group members encourage healthy collaboration and accelerated personal growth. I'll basically be taking direction from all of you about when will be the appropriate time to launch that.

In the meantime, please feel free to express yourselves in this space. Know that this is by invitation only, and I will curate the environment carefully. I like to follow the Platinum Rule... "Do Unto Others as They Want Done Unto Them." I encourage civility, consideration and sensitivity, balanced with free speech, open minds and brotherly love. I have faith and confidence that you will follow those guidelines.

Your Brain-Building Guide,

Dr. Orr

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