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Clinic Status

I want to thank all of you who have encouraged me, my friends, family, and in particular my former patients and those who want to become new patients. I'm pleased by the outpouring of support, and I look forward to getting started back up, this time on my own terms.

I look forward to launching soon. I've given myself until the first week of August to start seeing patients. Please cross your fingers, or pray, or whatever little bit of support you don't mind offering up to the Universe. I have a number of hurdles to overcome.

It seemed natural to use this forum to keep everybody updated and on the same page. I hope you find it helpful. I also may come here from time to time to ask for your thoughts if I'm stuck, or on how to design things according to your liking. I value your feedback!

Here's where things stand so far:

☑️ Incorporation of the company.

☑️ Office space.

☑️ Website buildout.

☑️ Intake Forms.

☑️ Prescription Forms.

☑️ Preliminary green light from Georgia Board of Medicine.

☑️ Patient Health Record setup.

☑️ Membership site buildout.

🔲 Malpractice insurance (shopping around)

🔲 Support staff licensure (in process)

🔲 Startup capital (angel investor campaign underway)


Thanks for your support, and if you know anyone who would be a good candidate for this group, please feel free to refer them in. I'll keep updating the progress and let you know as launch day approaches!


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