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What We Do

At Axion NeuroTherapy, we recognize that the current health care system works perfectly for administrators, career consultants, insurance companies, acute care, and the millions of other people who contribute to this massive, $3 Trillion dollar industry.

However, the system is not working for patients.

So, we are building a new way of providing care. We are putting patients first and making ourselves available to be their partner in achieving better neurological health. We offer three different lines of service...

1. Neurological Clinical Care

For people who have unexplained neurological symptoms or neurological conditions that need management, we offer standard diagnostic and therapeutic services and coordination of care. Where we are different:

• We follow a subscription model. This keeps our lights on.

• Our services are priced reasonably so we're accessible.

• People without insurance are welcome to join.

• No rush. We take our time with you.

• This is not assembly-line, high-production care.

• We think deeply and work hard to solve your problems.

• We are independent. No third parties rationing care here.

• No undue prescribing influence from the pharma industry.

• Honest limits. If we can't figure it out, we find out who can.

2. High Performance Neurology

Some people are ambitious and like to push the limits of their capabilities. We offer a hybrid of clinical care and coaching that helps healthy, high-performers to maximize their personal results, whatever their goals may be. We provide:

• Coordination of strategic lab and neuroimaging testing.

• Personalized, one-on-one, high-level NeuroCoaching.

• Cosmetic Neurology services that enable peak performance.

• Performance tracking and feedback with biometric devices.

• Mindset

3. Neurological Opinion

The discipline of Neuroscience is truly fascinating. Studying human potential, behavior, function, malfunction, healthy life extension, happiness, resilience, machine interfaces, artificial intelligence... I could go on and on. And I do, literally. For people, organizations, and institutions, who want to learn more I make myself available to give my opinions:

• Presentations, lectures, and webinars.

• Independent Medical Examinations.

• Medical-Legal evaluations.

• Standard-of-care opinions.

• White papers, think tanks, and guest mastermind facilitator.

• Media appearances.

• I'll take your suggestions!

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