Neuro-Augmentation and
Advanced Brain-Building Strategies
Ambitious, Healthy People
Brain Building Strategies...
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...integrate and combine holistically. They leverage your own unique neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, improving your brain function.
Our Brain-Building Program...
Empowers You!
It's designed for healthy patients to harness the principles of clinical Neurology with services that optimize and enhance Brain Function, physical appearance,  and cognitive abilities.


Clinical Services

Baseline Neurological Assessment


Cognitive Testing

Brain Imaging

Brain Stimulation


Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin

Cognitive Augmentation

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• Improved human performance

• DIY Neuro-Hacking

• Medical NeuroEnhancement

• Trends in Neuroscience

• NeuroMarketing

• NeuroEconomics

• Neuro Pharmaceutical Agents

• NeuroTechnology

• Cognition, bias and cognitive errors

• Brain Failure

• Resilience and fortitude

• Practical NeuroOptimization

• Legal consequences of diversion and Nootropics

• Ethics of Cognitive Disparity

• Longevity and Life Extension

• Defense, Military and Intelligence NeuroCommunities

• Big Data, Robotics and Business Intelligence

• Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

• NeuroPolitics

• NeuroTheology