1. As you answer questions, make sure to indicate your agreement or disagreement with the various statements that are posed.

2. It usually takes about 15 minutes to complete the inventory itself 100 questions.

3. The results computed from your responses will be provided after you have finished. (In case of a technical malfunction, results might not appear, but this is very unlikely.)

4. Your participation is completely voluntary and confidential.

  1. Voluntary: Until all of your responses have been submitted, you can stop the test at any time and for any reason. If you choose to withdraw, your responses before the point of withdrawal will not be used.

  2. Confidential: The collected data will be stored in a password-protected area and only the Axion Insights team will have access to it.

Please be aware that the results computed from your responses may not match your perceptions and that this may be disappointing. Other than that, no risk, harm, or discomfort is anticipated in completing this test.