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You want to reach new heights of function.

Personalized Neurological care puts the tools in your hands.

The time to begin is now. 


From a young age, Dr. Sean Orr was drawn to helping others.  He dedicated his life to the practice of Medicine when someone dear to him nearly perished from a traumatic brain injury. Early on, he recognized that the brain was the least understood organ, and he committed himself to learning all he could to prevent unnecessary suffering for patients with neurological problems.


Dr. Orr was blessed to be at the forefront of many innovations in the clinical neurosciences. He completed his training during the "Decade of the Brain" and contributed to the development of new techniques and tools to rescue and recover patients from the damaging effects of acute stroke. He is very fortunate to have led the team that created the region's premiere, award-winning Stroke Center and private, community-based Neurology practice for a large metropolitan health care system. He received many awards and accolades for his work and became recognized on a national level.


In time, though, it became clear that changes in health care were threatening the safety of his patients.  His attempts to sound the alarm were met with hostility, and Dr. Orr eventually blew the whistle. In retribution, his reputation was attacked and his detractors threw everything they had at trying to discredit his patient-centered efforts. Despite his drive to improve the system from the inside, special interests promoted a false narrative in an attempt to punish and ruin him for exposing failures within their system.


Despite propaganda-level attacks in the media, Dr. Orr persevered and refused to cave in. Eventually, he was vindicated after renowned experts across the nation reviewed his practice and found him to be performing well above the standard of care. He learned that doctors who are not politically involved in patient care are easily made into targets by those who want to maintain the status quo and protect their administrative interests at any cost.


Dr. Orr realized his energy would be best spent by building a model of care where the boss is the patient, not an insurance company or hospital administrator. The Center for Brain Care honors the trust placed in us by our patients. Here, patients achieve forward momentum, improving their health using personalized, precision strategies that are placed into a holistic framework of neurological care. Dr. Orr and his staff feel very fortunate to have had great success in the early days of this new enterprise!


Moving forward, Dr. Orr believes that this new model of precision patient care will succeed as a viable alternative to industrial health care, and he is determined to help bring this to fruition. He is actively involved in developing new systems and methods of delivering high quality care at lower cost. And to make sure that his patients are properly protected, he is also working with attorneys, analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, and policy makers to weed out bad actors and introduce solutions that focus on providing outstanding patient outcomes.

Introducing Sean C. Orr, M.D.